Think Wesson Oil is just for frying? THINK AGAIN!

Think Wesson Oil is just for frying? THINK AGAIN! Here are some great ways to use vegetable oil that you never thought of.

Here are some great ways to use vegetable oil that you probably never thought of.

Massage some Wesson Oil into your dry skin, then sit back and relax for about 15 minutes. Wipe off the excess oil with paper towels, then take a soothing, hot bath. You'll be soft as silk.

Combine two cups of Wesson Oil, three tablespoons of shampoo, and a quarter cup of your favorite perfume. Mix it up til it's emulsified, then add some to your bath and relax. Ahhhhh.

Adding a teaspoon of Wesson Oil to your cat's food each day can prevent hairballs (and that's good news for everyone, not just the kitties).

Add a teaspoon of Wesson Oil to your dog's food to keep his coat soft and shiny.

Warm some Wesson Oil in the microwave and massage it into your dry hair. Cover your head with a shower cap and let it soak in for about 1/2 an hour. Shampoo, rinse, and shine!

Got paint on your hands after working on your "honey-do" list? Use Wesson Oil as an alternative to turpentine when you go to clean up. It's easier on your skin and does the job!

We all love cooking with cast iron (this is The South!) but caring for those pans can be a chore. If yours have rust spots, rub them with a little Wesson Oil, then wipe the pans down (you can also rub a little extra in them before you put them away).

Rub the gaskets on your car doors to seal out water (and without harming the gaskets). Your car doors won't freeze!

Wesson Oil is great for making water marks on wood furniture go away. Just put some on a soft cloth and rub it into the spot til it's gone. Easy peasy.

Wesson Oil will take off the stick-um from stickers or labels. Neato! Keep shoveling. Coat your snow shovel with Wesson Oil and the snow won't stick!

Rinse wooden cutting boards (wooden spoons, too!) and then rub with Wesson Oil. It'll keep them good as new.

Rub warm Wesson Oil on tired feet, wrap them in a hot, damp towel, then sit back and relax.

Christmas trees are beautiful, but their sap is a sticky mess. After you're done decorating, rub your hands with Wesson Oil to remove that stuff, then sing a carol or two.

Before cooking, coat your grill with Wesson Oil Once the grill is cool, brush it with a wire brush and it'll be good as new.