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As the COVID-19 pandemic presses on, we’re continuing to see big shifts to both residential and commercial real estate markets. To learn more, come along with me as I dive into NAR’s new January 2021 analysis about what hot trends may be sweeping the real estate industry next. With more people working remote, a stock market that’s increasingly unstable, and the like, new opportunities are now emerging in terms of what consumers now need and want in their new home. The time is now to take a proactive approach to learning how to meet clients’ needs. Let’s explore together what the new future of real estate amidst a rapidly evolving world may look like in coming months.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 1:06: The health of the commercial market impacts the residential market
  • 4:05 Pay attention to legislative activity, especially Q4 2020cannabis expansion.
  • 5:17 Purchasing land.
  • 7:05 The benefits of low-risk investing.
  • 11:10 Local municipality impact and increased regulation costs.
  • 12:13 Consumer shopping habit.
  • 14:17 The multi-family segment.

3 Key Points

1.) “There’s always a need for great rooftops and great property owners who can provide good housing to all segments of our economy.”

2.) Late payments occurred because the economy was shut down. Opening the economy is a must to revive the market.

3.)Non-profits tend to look at land as reactive. But it’s perhaps to think proactively about land.


For more information on the National Association of REALTORS® Commercial Real Estate Trends and Outlook report for January 2021, read their full research here: https://cdn.nar.realtor/sites/default/files/documents/2020-q4-commercial-real-estate-trends-and-outlook-survey-01-21-2021.pdf  

What Does the New Future of Real Estate Look Like?

Aired on:
January 25, 2021

Consumers’ home preferences are changing fast amidst the pandemic. In this podcast episode, learn why this matters and how the real estate market is ripe for opportunity.

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