Foothills REALTOR Association

Learn how to articulate your value as a REALTOR® from guest speaker Leigh Brown at our next member meeting.

May 14 *  11:30am - 1:30pm
Isothermal Community College, Room 42 (Red Room)


In this timely and essential session, Leigh Brown addresses major issues impacting REALTORS® today, including current legal challenges facing organized real estate and the evolving landscape of buyer's agency compensation structures. Agents need strategies to confidently discuss fees with clients in any market, and this session equips you with the tools to do just that.
Key Points Covered:

  1. Different Buyer Agent Compensation Models: Gain insights into the various compensation models for buyer agents and how to navigate discussions with buyer clients.
  2. How to Get Buyer Agency Explained and Signed: Learn effective techniques for explaining and securing buyer agency agreements, ensuring clarity and transparency.
  3. Consumer Protection Provided by Buyer Agency: Understand the vital role of buyer agency in safeguarding consumer interests and how to convey this to your buyer clients.
  4. Navigating Fee Discussions with Seller Clients: Become proficient in the art of discussing fees and their various options with seller clients, enabling them to make the most informed decisions.

Leigh's "Charge What You Are Worth!" session not only teaches a process for evaluating business models and crafting articulation plans that justify fees but also emphasizes the importance of client interests. This highly practical session is a must for any agent looking to strengthen their business and client services amid industry shifts.

Special thanks to our meeting sponsor:

Karen Maxwell, Senior Mortgage Broker
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