Building a FutureProofed Business

Staying relevant in a changing world.

As REALTORS® sometimes you need a little bit of an umpf to keep going because we've got changing client expectations, who the heck knows what's happening next in the market’s crystal ball. What are we going to do if the economy does change? How do I build a business that is future-proof?

This session will provide insights, data and most importantly, some action items that you can put into place to make sure you are the REALTOR® of the future.

Key Takeaways:

·       Tips for finding Inventory where there isn’t any

·       Are foreclosures in our future? What to do to prepare for that aspect of the market if relevant

·       Building a resilient business

Materials available for 60-100 minute CE class approval.

“Had to drop a note, I loved the seminar yesterday at the Marriott in Myrtle Beach. Your Professional Problem Solver spoke to me directly to me for I took a class over 20 years ago with a luxury instructor that said the word commission should be taken out of our vocabulary. We are Professionals, and like Attorneys and Doctors our time etc. is just as valuable etc. till this day, I still say how I earn my professional fee. I never use that word commission, I am not a used car salesman. I wanted to thank you for bringing that.”

~ Bebe Pomaville, Broker Associate, CRG Companies, Inc.