No Longer *Just* A Realtor®

No Longer *Just* A Realtor®

Reports of Fair Housing testers and misbehaviours among some Realtors® have caused concerns about the reputation of this profession and how we, as professional Realtors®, can do more in messaging with our sphere marketing to combat the negativity – do abetter job – and tell the whole story of what a Realtor® actually does. In this session, you'll leave with a list (that you can supplement!) of what a Realtor® actually does – and how to tell that story in your marketing. You'll learn how Fair Housing *should* impact your business and your community for the better. You'll learn how your passionate community involvement can be the key to future sales without ever buying another lead.

Many Realtors® find themselves wondering how to create a business around Fair Housing laws in a way that authentically cares for and creates personalized solutions for all neighbors. This class addresses Fair Housing in a way that will increase understanding and business as well!

Key Takeaways:

Quantify and define the gravitas of what a Realtor® does for clients and communities.

Explain and live by Fair Housing and how one Realtor®'s actions can affect the Realtor® community.

Showcasing passionate community involvement changes what your sphere thinks of who you are and leads them to choose you.

Topic Categories:

Professional & Personal Development

Sales & Marketing Strategies

Social Media and Video Strategies