Finding Your REALTOR® Why

Finding Your REALTOR® Why
In a quickly changing real estate environment, many REALTORS® wonder how they can effectively compete for the attention of their neighbors — and also compete with so many fellow REALTORS® in an increasingly competitive environment. In this session, we'll talk about how anyone can create an effective personal marketing and branding message/campaign built around an effective Value proposition.

Being a REALTOR® is more than just closing a deal. It has to be more than executing the process. We have a responsibility to be honest with our clients — we must describe a vision to them that may overwhelm, surprise, and invoke emotion. Why? Because they will APPRECIATE this human aspect that is rarely seen in our business.

Every neighbor in our community deserves a professional real estate experience. They deserve a REALTOR® who gets it. They deserve somebody who cares enough to take their life experience and their real estate experience and bring it to bear for their needs That's what we have to lean into. No more easy button. No more promising things that we can't deliver. And then people crave your help.

As REALTORS® we have the privilege of interacting with people from all walks of life. This transaction will likely be their biggest ‘financial tool’ that they have. We must give them our focus. We must be honest about the hurdles that will likely arise. This human element is sorely missed; we must bring it back!

We LIVE Here.
We WORK Here.

This presentation will show you how to utilize the privilege that we have, and how to best use our knowledge to serve the community in an impactful way.  Finding Your REALTOR® Why gets back to the roots of what we do.  Be the change that shapes society and creates honesty in all of our professional interactions.

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