Finding Your REALTOR® Why

Finding Your REALTOR® Why (Formerly #MoreThanHouses)

It can feel overwhelming to be a REALTOR® in a changing market with new competitors on every front. However, there is a way to differentiate yourself in a way that will grow your business. Add that new personal marketing angle to your impact as an association and community volunteer, and the sky’s the limit.


Several years ago I started using this hashtag in my business. If you look #MoreThanHouses up on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you will see it's taken on a life of its own with REALTORS® and Brokers around the United States. We need to be talking more about what REALTORS® do in OUR COMMUNITY and how we are not just small businesses,

We LIVE Here.

We WORK Here.


REALTORS® are integral to the fabric of everywhere we live. When you come to this presentation, you're going to learn how to define that for the community you work in, how to make it stronger for everyone you serve, and how we as REALTORS® we can drive positive change in our society now and going forward. You'll take away some lessons you can put into your business life, and I hope that your community will really benefit from you—their REALTOR® partner who is #MoreThanHouses.