Your SuperFresh Video Strategy

Your SuperFresh Video Strategy

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest!
Live Streams, Reels, Stories, and Shorts! Oh, my!

Social media networks are pushing videos to the top of our social streams. All of the social media apps want us to do more with this powerful format. Video wins in the social media algorithms and it wins your potential clients' attention. How do you get over your fear and record your first video? What is the best format and what video topics work the best for each format? What equipment do you need to get started?

Whether you've made zero videos or a thousand-you need a fresh content strategy to get the juices flowing again! You'll leave this session with ideas to get your videos organized and scheduled, and also strategies for being more visible on the social networks. You've been on Zoom for two years now-it's time to take your video up three notches!

** I will take video-hesitant volunteers up to the stage and help them create AND post from the stage =)

Key Takeaways:

• Why video is essential to your core business

• Technical tips for success with the online algorithms

• Create a content strategy

• Equipment and tools to make your videos slow the scroll and capture clicks!

Materials available for 60-100 minute CE class approval.

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Leigh’s topics are built on personal experience running a top-producing real estate team in the Charlotte, NC area. Each session is chock full of ideas that WORK, candid advice on what did not work, and overall the best ways to DELIGHT your clients.