Leigh's Soapbox

Leigh’s Soapbox – NEW!

Introducing a brand new topic that you can book for your brokerage, association, company or just any group of people who need a burst of some energy in their veins! The new topic is called Leigh’s Soapbox and if you want to know what Leigh’s Soapbox is comprised of, that’s up to you.

Your soapbox could be asking me about politics. Is it asking me about what it was like to be a candidate for congressional office? Do you want to know what I think about the state of real estate and what I think about the interlopers and venture capital companies and hedge funds that are looking at the business? Do you want to know what I think about professional REALTORS® and the number of people in this business? I can cover real estate from any angle. Do you want to know what I think about mortgage lending as a professional REALTOR® of the last 19 years? Oh, I got things to say.

Do you want to know what I think about parenting in 2019? Do you want to know what I think about any article frankly that runs around Twitter? That's what we can talk about because if you've had the chance to hear me speak or you've watched any of my videos, you know how much I love to go down rabbit trails with very insightful and poignant commentary.

Now's your chance. So you book Leigh's Soapbox, then poll your membership about what they'd like to hear my opinions on. And then buddy, they're going to have to strap on their seat belts and get ready for a wild ride full of information that will make them better and stronger professionals. And leave them with a little bit of laughter and a lot of motivation.

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Leigh’s topics are built on personal experience running a top-producing real estate team in the Charlotte, NC area. Each session is chock full of ideas that WORK, candid advice on what did not work, and overall the best ways to DELIGHT your clients.